Neil Dino
  • @devdino
  • Denver, Colorado
Hi, I am a Web Developer in Denver, Colorado.  I found my passion for coding in a winery of all places.  Working at Cuda Ridge Wines, my family's boutique winery in Livermore California, I was in charge of outside sales, marketing, and managing our WordPress site.  In March 2020 with business at a halt due to covid-19 restrictions, I had a unique opportunity to put my extra time to good use.  I completed UC Berkeley's Full-Stack Web Development certificate program, and have been building ever since! 

Competant in the following Technologies:
HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | ReactJS | Material UI | JavaScript | Redux | Git | Rest API | SQL | Sequelize | NodeJS | MongoDB | Mongoose | GraphQL | Jest | Express JS | NextJS | Sanity and More!

Currently Seeking the Following Opportunities
  • Full-Time Web Development Roles where I can continue to learn and grow!
  • Short-term WordPress, JAM stack, or MERN stack freelance projects.
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